Has LeBron James Already Waved the White Flag on Cavaliers’ Season?

 Image courtesy of Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Image courtesy of Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

When LeBron James (along with the rest of the NBA) tweeted about how great Stephen Curry was after he hit that dagger 3-pointer to bury the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday, it spelled the end. Not just for the rest of the league, but more importantly, it was the first sign that LeBron had conceded defeat for the rest of the NBA season.

While James and his contemporaries shown praise to arguably the greatest shooter of all time, for some looking in, it was LeBron’s way of preparing for another off season filled with questions. Many viewed the sentiments as great sportsmanship, then there was that small group of people left there confused. It’s quite baffling if you process the thought: how could you cheer for a man that denied you of your third title? Curry and co. are responsible for stomping on the already-shattered hearts of Cleveland fans. Just add this to the list of heartbreaks for Cleveland in relation to their sports epidemic.

This second season was supposed to be different. A year after the prodigal son, LeBron James returned home in hopes of delivering a championship to his beloved state of Ohio, things have only gotten weirder since losing in the Finals last year. Early this season James ripped teammates about their lack of urgency. He questioned how could the team that won the Finals (Golden State Warriors) be the more hungrier team? This was happening during a time when the Warriors opened up the 2015-16 NBA season with a record-setting 24-0 start.

Then James turned around and did things that were uncharacteristic of him. Who could forget that one time against the Atlanta Hawks where he just walked off the court during a play and sat on the bench? During a play though! Then he told teammates that pregame introductions were over and Hoverboards (sorry, J.R.) would not be permitted before games. He left a bad taste in a group of men that are supposed to buy into his leadership, but it’s as if he’s pressuring them to be something they’re not. The team was sitting atop the East Conference when management decided to fire head coach David Blatt in place of assistant head coach Tyronn Lue. That came right after the Warriors laid waste to the Cavaliers in a 132-98 mauling at Quicken Loans Arena.

Fast forward, the Cavs are still the best team in the East, but a team who’s chemistry looks great at times, and then other times look like they don’t belong playing together. The team barely got by the Indiana Pacers on Monday, which happens during the season. You can’t be perfect every night, but you can’t say stuff like this neither:

“It’s just basketball. At the end of the day, it’s just basketball… you go out and you give as much as you can, you leave it all out on the floor and then be able to sleep at night. I mean, I’ve missed game winners all the time.” James said this about playing through adversity, only to conclude with this, “I’ve lost in the Finals. And sometimes, if that situation comes around again, hopefully you left it on the floor…I’m going to get the blame anyways.”

Um, what? 

Let’s face it, the Cavaliers will more than likely make another trip to the NBA Finals this year (James’ 6 consecutive appearance), only to be sent home packing by the Golden State Warriors–again! The sad part in all of this is that we don’t have to wait until late June to see LeBron lose, because he’s already waved the white flag. James surrendered months ago, it’s only until now that it has become apparent.


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