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Supreme Culture recently reached out to up-and-coming entrepreneur Maria French, who’s The House of San Sau skin and hair care products are steadily changing lives. The 31-year-old, former Detroit native (currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia), took on the family business and has watched it take off to new heights. We caught up with Maria to discuss The House of San Sau, her love for Alicia Keys, and why being your own motivator is a key to success.


Explain exactly how The House of San Sau came about?  

The House Of San Sau was founded by my grandmother Nyame Selassie over 20 years ago. She produced and sold it at her own convenience while traveling the world. The idea to bring me onboard was established September 2016. I already had dreams of starting my own natural product line just no direction. She saw the spark in me to take The House Of San Sau to the next level. Our dynamics are another story all on their own. Because of her life decisions, she and I barely had any kind of relationship until about four years ago. She’s led an extremely eventful life. Gangster to Guru is her self-published memoir that details her days as a member of the Black Mafia in Detroit in the 70’s and doing 11 years collectively in the Feds. As she was on her journey for servitude and direction, so was I. These conscious changes we implemented in our lives led us right to one another. Now we are on a mission to change the way families care for their hair and skin by offering a chemical and preservative free skin and hair potion that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Have you been satisfied with the general response you’ve been getting?

 Am I?  I am extremely satisfied with the response I have received from people about San Sau! People have really been supportive. But the fact of the matter is San Sau sells itself. I don’t know one person that has seriously tried it and not re ordered. It is just that good. Whether you’re trying to grow and maintain your hair or condition your skin, this product has a long list of testimonials trailing behind it because of its multipurpose abilities.

Some of the reports we have received are: body odor eliminated, reduction of acne and acne scars, beard and mustache conditioner, taming eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and dry skin, sunburn preventative and treatment, clear and even skin tone and complexion, all natural diaper rash and cradle cap treatment, conditioning dry brittle nails and cuticles, bug bite preventative and treatment and improvement in skin elasticity!

“You have to be discipline to run your own business. You are your sole motivator.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of being the owner of your own business? 

The most challenging aspect is not having a superior. You know? Someone to stand over you and micromanage or be a constant reminder to fine-tune all of your actions because you’re livelihood is at stake. Being a business owner gives you sooooo much freedom. You have to be discipline to run your own business. You are your sole motivator.

Image via Maria French's Instagram

Image via Maria French’s Instagram

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in regards to The House of San Sau? 

In the next five years I want to  purchase an actual house where San Sau will be handcrafted. It’s going to be so dope! Solar panels and a food forest are just a few things I want to be incorporated.

You also have a talent for singing, is that something you would like to pursue or you just do it for fun?

 Honestly, I would pursue it–but not aggressively! I think I would have much more success behind the scenes! I also write music as well.

Since we’re talking about music, who are some artist that you admire and why? 

Alicia Keys–for her no makeup movement! You don’t understand how brave she is for that decision.  We focus entirely too much on covering up symptoms rather than rectifying the source. I mean that in every way possible. Solange is so dope because she’s just unapologetically her. I love her style and fashion. Erykah Badu is just mesmerizing. What’s not to love about that wombman!

When you’re not dealing with the daily operations of The House of San Sau, what is a typical day for you like? 

I mostly do the same things while working that I do when I’m not. I just try to stay focused and in tune with the things I desire to achieve. I try to be present and consciousness of my every single thought and move. Most of the time I’m at home, sitting on the river somewhere or masterminding with my fellow entrepreneur friends.

“People will try to project their insecurities and limitations onto you! It’s sad to say but sometimes, it’s the people you care about the most.”

What advice do you have for someone who has aspirations for starting their own business? 

 You have to protect your vision. You have to be very careful to only surround yourself with people of a certain mindset. A mindset that is conducive to you achieving your goals. You can’t tell everyone yours dreams, because everyone isn’t capable of understanding your thought process, so they can’t understand your vision.  People will try to project their insecurities and limitations onto you! It’s sad to say but sometimes, it’s the people you care about the most.


Contact info:

Instagram: @emm_frenchiie

Facebook: Emm Frenchiie

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