Reasons Why the NBA is Whack!

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First off, I love the NBA, these guys in my opinion are the best athletes in the world, but it’s not as good as it used to be.  It was at its best in the 80’s and 90’s when you had the “Showtime” Lakers, “Bad Boy” Pistons, “Bahston Gahden”, Michael Jordan, Bulls vs. Pistons, and Knicks vs. Heat.  You had rivalries, teams, players hated each other.  There was no talk of “super teams” or “hey let me get my friends to join me so we can win a championship”, or fashion week each time a player entered the arena.  Now the NBA is totally whack!!!!  Why you might ask? Here’s why:

1.  RUSSELL WESTBROOK DID NOT START THE ALL-STAR GAME!!!  Here’s a guy averaging a triple double a TRIPLE DOUBLE!  The first player since the great “O” (Oscar Robertson for you younlings.Look him up) and he’s on the bench for Steph Curry who’s points per game are down 5.4 a game (don’t give the he has Kevin Durant on his team talk).  I even wondered why he’s on the bench to start the game.  It’s because he lost the fan vote tie breaker in the All-Star voting to James Harden, but yet beat him in the media and player vote???

2.  NBA All-Star voting itself.  It was changed this year.  50% Fans.  25% Players. 25% Media.  Enough said about this.  We’re never getting this perfect.

3.  The Slam Dunk Contest needs to go…AWAY!!!  I’m to the point to where I’ve seen everything.  How many new original things can we see?  When did we start allowing seven footers in and is it even legal for an NBA D-League player to compete?  C’Mon, we need superstars.  They use to compete (Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Vince Carter), but now it’s I might get tired or I don’t want to get injured.  If we can’t get the best, scrap the competition and not let second nature guys in.

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4.  LeBron James needs “help”.  Yes, the best player ever said he needs another superstar to help him.  What else does this guy need?  He got the coach he wanted (Tyron Lue), has a superstar (Kyrie Irving), a star (Kevin Love), and great support players Kyle Korver, Derrick Williams, and Richard Jefferson.  To make it worse LeBron doesn’t want to give up any of this for a superstar.  Dude, your minutes are going to increase no matter who’s on your team and last time I checked you were supposed to carry your team.  You’re the best player in the NBA it’s what you do duh.

5.  We have Carmelo Anthony vs. the Knicks.  Both sides are at fault here.  The Knicks hired Phil Jackson who could supposedly bring players together and make it work, well it hasn’t.  The Knicks are a disgrace to the history of basketball in New York and have a superstar who they don’t know what to do with.  Carmelo needs to end his pain and drop his no-trade clause so he can get outta there.  I hate seeing him after to suffer through interviews.

6.  Lastly, when did we start having “Fashion Week” when each player walks into an arena?  Who cares what their wearing or even why do we need to see that player walk in?  Soon each player will have theme music and it’s going to be like the WWE.

You see why the NBA is whack?  It’s almost has if basketball is second nature.  It’s a modern day soap opera…..and we still aren’t even to the trade deadline….can’t wait for that.  If you like what you read leave a comment below or drop me a line at


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