CONTENT KINGS: How Joe Budden, Rory & Mal Bet on Themselves

Today it was announced on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast that Joe Budden, Rory, and Mal will be taking their talents to Spotify in an exclusive deal with the streaming service giant. After three years of trying to figure out how it works, Joe Budden and crew have finally secured that illustrious bag.

The Joe Budden Podcast has undergone some significant changes in the time of its inception. The show has endured everything from changing co-host (Marisa Mendez to Mal), locations (old podcast studio to Parks’ place), videographers (Chris Brown to New Chris Brown to Erikson), and even the name of the podcast itself (I’ll Name This Podcast Later). To foretell that this often described, “small podcast” would make it this long, would be anything short of miraculous. Friendships were tested, patience wearing thin, and attempts at trying to secure that aforementioned bag came and went (MeUndies).

No matter what hardships the podcast had to withstand, the one thing that remained intact was the show’s integrity. Maintaining the show’s integrity is what makes The Joe Budden Podcast the most in-demand podcast in the country. On a weekly basis, listeners and viewers are given an unflitered take on pop culture curated through the lens of Joe Budden and company. No subject matter is off limits.

“There was always a bigger picture [for the podcast], and that sometimes meant sacrificing a lot to gain less, but eventually obtaining more in the long run.”

While many doubted Joe Budden’s vision–even those close to him, Joe never wavered. There was no room to flirt with the idea of conceding defeat. There was always a bigger picture–and that sometimes meant sacrificing a lot to gain less, but eventually obtaining more in the long run. It’s that type of morality and believing in the value of your own product is what will gain people’s interest. It’s like that old mantra of, If you build it, they will come.

“Maintaining the show’s integrity is what makes The Joe Budden Podcast the most in-demand podcast in the country, and dare I say, the world.”

Many supporters have come out in droves to show their appreciation for the podcast and everyone involved. Along with Joe, Rory and Mal, the entire team of Parks (engineer) Savon (contributor), Erikson (videographer), and Ian (Joe’s business partner), have played an intricate role in shaping the direction of the show. That appreciation for all parties involved was the main reason that many fans proposed the idea of donating money to the podcast through Cash App, because they bought into the product, and most importantly, they believed in the brand.

The new deal with Spotify, that begins September 12, will feature the guys bringing you the content we all come to expect from them. This time fans will be treated to two shows a week on Wednesday and Saturday, respecttively. YouTube viewership will get a chance to see the podcast 48 hours after the audio version of the show drops.

Aside from Spotify, Joe Budden has formed a partnership with Diddy and REVOLT TV to bring the highly anticipated new Joe Budden show, State of the Culture, which is set to premiere two days prior on September 10. To put things in its proper perspective, just a couple years ago, Joe was a rapper nearing retirement on a Chitlin Circuit run in support of his last album Rage & the Machine. Joe couldn’t even sell enough tickets to occupy the space of 500 people. In 2018, Joe Budden is selling out venues across America just to watch him and his friends talk shit on a couch for a couple of hours. Not bad for a small podcast.

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