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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have noticed over the course of a few years social media is home to many #Challenges—i.e. the #MannequinChallenge as made famous by rap duo Rae Sremmurd that accompanied their Gucci Mane- assisted “Black Beatles. The challenged helped propel the single to number 1 on the charts, proving that social media is indeed the best form of marketing to say the least. This year proved no different when DMX’s classic “What These Bitches Want” got the challenge treatment. Women from all over social media did their own take on the name drop portion of the song with each video partaking in its on unique rendition of the classic record. While each video was creative, none of them paled in comparison to the one made by Rhonda aka @OnlyOneRhonda. The 5 foot 1 model who’s measurements reads 36K-31-43, bodied the challenge with her version of the challenge. Not to spoil it, go check out her Twitter @OnlyOneRhonda—it’s currently her pinned tweet. So with so much attention focused on Rhonda, Supreme Culture decided to reach out to Rhonda to learn more about her and what sparked the idea of her #DMXChallenge.

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For starters you’re a student. What are you majoring in? I’m majoring in Communications, but I also have a minor in Marketing. And oddly, I’m beginning to feel like Marketing should have been my major because I’m really good at it and I enjoy it . 

What’s a typical day like for Rhonda? School, homework, content creation or other work, interacting with fans, and chilling with my husband. Possibly watching WWE or playing video games when I can. 

Wait! So you’re a gamer and a WWE fan? What’s your favorite game that you like to play and how long have you been watching WWE? [Laughs.] Yes, but I’m a noob with gaming. I just play for fun. Not really a pro. My favorite game is Fortnite mainly because I love hiding and sniping people. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] I bet. As for WWE, I’d watch here and there when I was a kid, but didn’t really watch it faithfully until 2010.

Yeah, I believe that’s when I started watching it again. Yeah, I love the changes they have done for women’s division. It’s nice to see them actually wrestling again [as opposed to] just pulling hair and screaming.

Do you consider yourself a model or is this just a hobby? A little bit of both actually. I say both because I’m not modeling in a sense that I’m doing tons of photoshoots with brands, but what I do is still modeling.  In some ways I feel it can be considered a hobby because I’m not open to modeling with many companies. I create nearly all my content by myself and in some cases, my husband photographs me–he’s a photographer. If someone needs content basically I produce it, so I’m not doing modeling in the most traditional sense. It’s different. For now, I’m the hub for everything Rhonda, if that makes sense. In-house production.

Image is creative’s own

What’s your favorite place to travel and name a place you haven’t been that you would like to go? The Virgin Islands. I love it there. There’s something about the water, palm trees, and just looking across the water to the other islands that makes the whole place feel like home. I’d love to go to Cape Town or Santorini one day. Both of those are beautiful places as well. I think if I could spend my life traveling, I’d go to almost every tropical place there is. Just gotta be careful about which ones  I visit because I know if you pull up on some – they’ll probably shoot your ass with a bow and arrow and we’re not doing that.

What is the most common question you’re asked that annoys you the most? “Do you do meet-ups” or “How much to meet up?” I can’t stand it. So many people think that because you have revealing pictures, you must be down to fuck and the answer is no I’m not down with that. I will never be down with that. I sell pictures and videos of boobs–not pussy. And no offense to sex workers, they can do what they do. It’s just not what I do. I think the most annoying thing isn’t even the question though, it’s about how the guys react to my response of “No.” They literally ask “Why not, if I’m paying?” As if money is some magical thing that makes me want to spread my legs. It’s just not happening.  Sharing pictures of myself doesn’t mean I want to physically share my body. 

Favorite social media account and why? Bundleofbrittany. I think she’s super dope. I love how she speaks her mind and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone has to say. 

Explain how beneficial social media has been for you as your brand continues to grow? It’s been beneficial because it’s what helps me grow. It’s how I promote my content and interact with followers and supporters. It helps me figure out what to do next so I guess at times it’s my inspiration.

You recently did your own creative flip on the #DMXChallenge. Explain what made you take it in that direction rather than what everyone else were doing? Everyone was doing hair and I felt like I was jumping in a bit late. I didn’t have a ton of hairstyles or wigs to showcase, also my audience wasn’t there for wigs. From a marketing standpoint, it felt wiser to cater the challenge to my crowd and what they enjoy. Also, over the past year, I’ve collected so many bodysuits and bras, it seemed like the perfect option. There were a few people who had an issue with how I did it. They felt like I “thotified” it which is ridiculous. If you listen to the song, it’s literally about him cheating on his wife and naming all the women he fucked. It was never wholesome to begin with. I had a ton of fun creating it though! It was just a big mess to clean up at the end [Laughs].

Thotified? Wow, that’s an interesting take on it. [Laughs.] What is the craziest thing a guy has ever done to get your attention? Sent a picture bent over, spreading his cheeks and showing his butthole.

Huh? I hate I even asked. [Laughs.] His icon image was  a woman eating his ass. I blocked him. I’m not with the shits.

Okay, moving along. [Laughs.] What’s something about you that people would be surprised about? A few things. For one, I’m totally normal in person. Kinda quiet until comfortable then definitely goofy. Usually pretty covered. I leave the sexy persona for online. The Kylie Jenner’s online versus in-person memes fit me completely [Laughs.] . Also, I’m a noob. A lot of people think I’m good at gaming. I’m not. I just like having fun. 

Image is creative’s own

What future plans do you have to elevate your brand even more? Definitely want to start streaming on Twitch. Also, I’ve had an idea in my head for the past 9 years to make bra and outfit videos on YouTube so I should finally see that through. That would open the door for me to work with more brands when I’m ready to branch out and not do everything on my own. I’d also love to start a lingerie/bra brand for busty women because I don’t feel like we get enough variety and style. And lastly, I have a nude calendar that I’m planning to create for 2020. 

Image is creative’s own

Lastly, what are your top 3 favorite albums that dropped this  year so far? Oddly, I don’t have any right now.

Come on, you got to have something. [Laughs.] I’m one of those people who’s still listening to music from last year and years ago. I just listen to what I vibe to.

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