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Curt Williams
Curt Williams

Curt Williams is the creator of Supreme CX Magazine. He is a former Senior Music Editor for SooDetroit Magazine. Has worked with the Michigan Chronicle. He hails from Detroit, MI.


There Can Be Only One

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have noticed over the course of a few years social


JAY-Z and The NFL: How Much A Dollar Cost?

“I said no to the Super Bowl, you need me, I don’t need youEvery night we in the endzone, tell


Why So Much Hate For Big Sean?

This week the world saw the return of Big Sean. The Detroit rapper—who for the better part of this year

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Kash Doll: Being Kash Doll

*This interview originally appeared on SooDetroit.com, November, 2015.  I’m exhausted. Why? I’ve literally—well, figuratively, been chasing Kash Doll for a


Abdul Williams Talks Screenwriting, New Edition, and The Bobby Brown Story

*This conversation has been edited for clarity and length  When The New Edition Story aired on BET Networks in the


CONTENT KINGS: How Joe Budden, Rory & Mal Bet on Themselves

Today it was announced on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast that Joe Budden, Rory, and Mal will


The Unraveling of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has become undone. For what was shaping up to be a moment of redemption and clarity for one

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What’s Beef?: What Drake Learned from LL Cool J

In 1990, LL Cool J found himself in a peculiar situation. After ascending to the top as one of the


Why Erik Killmonger is Marvel’s Best Villain to Date

Marvel’s Black Panther–the 18th film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, is possibly its most daring and inspiring film yet. Marvel rolled


Lena Waithe: The New Classic

At this point, it feels that there is nothing Lena Waithe can’t do. I think that’s a clear and decisive