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Paris Pace
Paris Pace

Class of 2014 Central Michigan graduate. Lover of reading and writing poetry. I enjoy the simple things.


America 2017: In the Land of the Free, Slavery still Exists.

Slavery ended with the 13th amendment–right? At least that’s what you are taught. You are also told that America is

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Patriotism and the Black Community

This is a nation that expects everyone on its soil to show respect and have pride in being here, despite

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Hip-Hop culture: Are Artists Responsible for the Messages They Send?

Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect Rap music and Hip-Hop culture for all that it has done for

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Colorism: The Light Versus Dark Skin Debate in the Black Community is Detrimental

Skin tone has had its detriments in the black community for centuries, dating back to the slavery days. Even though

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Going Natural: Trend or Movement?

First off let’s get one thing straight, being natural is more than just sporting an afro or some poetic justice