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Blacks and the Fourth of July

Today America celebrates the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the founding fathers separating from England. July 4, 1776

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Will We Stand With Jesse?

Watching the BET has always been difficult for me during my adult life, I never fully understood what the point

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Colorism: The Light Versus Dark Skin Debate in the Black Community is Detrimental

Skin tone has had its detriments in the black community for centuries, dating back to the slavery days. Even though


Interview: Dre Day Talks Instagram Popularity, His Love for ’90s R&B, And Why DreDay 10 Will Be His Last Page

Fame can be bestowed on the luckiest of people these days. Those who are fortunate to garner nationwide attention are

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Going Natural: Trend or Movement?

First off let’s get one thing straight, being natural is more than just sporting an afro or some poetic justice



“I made a career of reminiscing.” -Drake “U With Me?” Those sentiments pretty much sums up Drake’s latest release, the

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Drake’s ‘VIEWS’ Needs to be a Classic

As Drake’s highly-anticipated album VIEWS (or Views From the 6) is set to drop later this week, on April 29th, many things come

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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill at Odds?

One of Hip-hop’s power couples may have reached a rocky patch in their relationship. According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj is