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Why Erik Killmonger is Marvel’s Best Villain to Date

Marvel’s Black Panther–the 18th film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, is possibly its most daring and inspiring film yet. Marvel rolled


JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Proves Hip-Hop’s Superman Can Be Immortal and Human at the Same Time

Yes, 4:44 is a retort to his wife’s most critically acclaimed Lemonade (sort of)– the album that lifted the veil


Five Takeaways from Drake’s ‘More Life’

On March 18, Drake once again asserted his dominance over the music world with the released of his More Life


‘Ben-Hur’ Proves That Hollywood Needs to Dead Remakes

As I type this, Ben-Hur debuted with a dismal $11.4 million, making it one of the year’s biggest movie flops.

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Suicide Squad Isn’t THAT Bad…Really, It’s Not.

“Worst part of it is, they’re going to blame us for the whole thing. They can’t have people knowing the

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How ‘Lemonade’ Became The Only Beyoncé Album That Matters

For those who haven’t heard, musical icon Prince died last Thursday. Two days later, Beyoncé dropped Lemonade. The world stopped.


Purple Majesty: The Legacy of Prince

While the world mourns the passing of one of the most iconic figures in music–hell the universe, I write this

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Kanye West Announces Title for New Album

Kanye West is showing no signs of slowing down. His new album, The Life Of Pablo hasn’t even been out a