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Why Hating Roman Reigns is the Best Thing for WWE

The Raw after WrestleMania proved to be one of the craziest nights ever after the Showcase of the Immortals. Monday


Reasons Why the NBA is Whack!

First off, I love the NBA, these guys in my opinion are the best athletes in the world, but it’s

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Patriotism and the Black Community

This is a nation that expects everyone on its soil to show respect and have pride in being here, despite


How LeBron James Silenced his Critics

  When the Golden State Warriors took a 3-1 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, most, including myself, deemed the


Delusions of Grandeur: What Happened to Steph Curry?

The most glaring takeaway of the 2016 NBA Finals, besides the Cleveland Cavaliers being down 3-1 and coming back from


Muhammad Ali’s Fight Against America Was His Greatest

Sure, he was a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, winning his first title over Sonny Liston in 1964 at the tender


How Kobe Bryant Became My Favorite Player of All Time

I didn’t become a fan of basketball until the late ’90s. Then it became an obsession pretty much after that.


Has LeBron James Already Waved the White Flag on Cavaliers’ Season?

When LeBron James (along with the rest of the NBA) tweeted about how great Stephen Curry was after he hit


Dean Ambrose is What’s Best For Business

Something blatant happened on Raw last night. Something that’s always been clear as day, and yet the WWE Creative has


Triple H vs. Roman Reigns Will Be the Most Violent Feud of PG Era

  Did everyone catch what Triple H did to Romain Reigns on the closing moments of Monday Night Raw? If